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Access Control

We can install an entry and exit security system which will monitor or control the passage of personnel and vehicles throughout your facility in real time.
*    check users photo and image at key points
*    lock and unlock doors on a preset time schedule
*    replay instantly alarm events by security personnel allowing you to zero in on a live site   map
*   detect intrusion, forced entry, restricted door access, as well as fire smoke and other hazards.
*    manage heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and elevator monitoring
Types of access control systems:
Your system can be designed to use any of the following access control methods.
pin code
*      proximity card
*      magnetic stripe card
*      smart card
*      biometric scanner
*      bar code
*      secure lock
*      automatic parking
Additional options available:
Your staff can manage this system from any convenient location.
      configured to allow departments to control access on their own locations
      security may log on from any workstation over the internet via password
      each operator may be programmed with different levels of user access and monitoring capabilities.
      easily manage any part of this system from within the same building or across the country
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